I'm Josh

What I Do

My specialties

Graphic Design

Working with the client and their project brief, my end goal is to produce an eye catching and appealing peace of artwork which meets the client's needs and conforms to their original ideas.


With the ability to capture every moment in time at my fingertips I strive to capture high quality and incredible moments in time which all have a great meaning behind them and carry a message.


Code is what operates the day to day electronics we use and take so greatly for granted. High quality code is proven to execute efficiently and effectively, and that is exactly what you get from myself.



Graphic Designer
LionHeart Print & Embroidery, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Sep 2020 - Present

Digital designer of paper based goods, business design and clothing design. This role includes the production of leaflets, business cards, vehicle signwriting, posters, banners, business stationary & much more.


Photography Course
Ellis Guilford School, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Sep 2017 - Jul 2019

Take photographs with professional-grade DSLR cameras and studio equipment and having a photographer's style of work or a topic to conform your work to through digital manipulation and a range of photography skills.

Computer Science Course
Ellis Guilford School, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Sep 2017 - Jul 2020

Learn the skills and key information needed to manage and maintain computer systems, write efficient and clean code and work with industry-level softwares.


Skills & abilities

I am skilled and equipped to be a graphic designer, photographer and developer.

Graphic Design 75%

General information

My name is Joshua Day and I am a 16 year old graphic designer, photographer and developer from the United Kingdom. I have a wide variety of skills and take pride in the work which I create. I am incredibly new to these areas of expertise, but have met many great people over the years and have progressively became better with each piece of work I produce.

My passion for photography developed during my time at school where I took a two year course and graduated with a pass. This further sparked my interest for graphic design after immense use of photoshop and the adobe creative suite, so I became self taught. During 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic had me at home and my boredom lead me to the path of coding where I further worked on my interest which I had since my three year course of computer science at school.


Nottingham, United Kingdom

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